The pleasure of exploring

The art of confectionery is the result of a journey: it begins with respect for the ingredients, goes through a meticulous study of techniques and gestures until it reaches the delicious destination.

There are artisans who travel exploring: raw materials, seasonality, recipes, combinations. It's their way of obtaining, from sourdough, small masterpieces that taste good and new.

For this reason they have chosen to combine the work of the hands with that of the mind, intuition with research, high selection with a wide range.

Those craftsmen are us. Our trip is Dolcevia.

Dolcevia opens an unexplored path in pastry making: a laboratory that revisits, creates and tests new nuances of goodness, following the path of experimentation until an assortment that cloaks the canons of taste with elegance.

Respectfully speaking. And preparing. Ingredients are like people: their time has great value. In all our choices, from actions to relationships, we follow this path.

Because ranging between flavors is a delicious discovery. Welcome. Now we travel together.

Our values


Let's give the touch that we are. This is how we prepare, work and finish our dough. Because it is from manual knowledge that the enchantment of an idea is born.


Delicious innovation. An elegant dessert is not only beautiful and tasty: it becomes the stuff of memories. With balance and lightness we create, together with the recipes, little stories to enjoy.

Dedication to the subject

The leaven of belonging. Mother yeast tells the story of a land because it absorbs the best of it. Italy is our land: the care and culture of its fruits belongs to us.

The compass for the right path

At the heart of every journey, there is a promise of discovery, a beginning that challenges the unknown. Like the icon of a compass rose, simplified but full of meaning, it represents the compass that marks the direction towards a world of unexplored flavour.

The "ways of flavor" are our mantra, the path we have chosen to undertake. This icon becomes our symbol, a visual guide that tells our story. It is the distinctive stamp of a brand that does not follow in the footsteps, but dictates the path of a new culinary tradition.

Like a reliable compass, it guides us through every creation, every dish and every dessert. It is our promise to explore new gastronomic territories and to bring joy and sweetness into everyone's lives.

Join us on this culinary journey, where the ways of flavor are transformed into unforgettable experiences. Welcome to our world of taste, where every direction is a new adventure.