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The Soft Way

Imagine the classics of great occasions embellished with sourdough and rediscovered under a new sweet light. In this journey in the softness gianduja and apricot meet in the same panettone, coffee and caramel in the same focaccia, citrus and vanilla in the typical Venetian fugassa. Tasteful dialogues that inspire us beyond imagination.

The Crunchy Way

How would you describe a symphony of ingredients? We suggest a coconut, raspberry and poppy seed ensemble. Or a pas de deux between mandarin and pepper. A solo? Chocolate with tonka beans. The notes can change, the important thing is to enclose something intriguing and overwhelming that becomes melody.

The Fragrant Way

Savor a slice of orange grove. Impossible why? It's Dolcevia. From tropical nuances to counterpoints between white chocolate and black cherry, let's explore the new ways of plumcake and His Majesty the babĂ .
An assortment, a small treasure of exotic fruits and caramel,
coffee and amaretto, respect and audacity.
Let's venture.

There are routes that you thought you had covered far and wide, but just when you seem to know them they surprise you like the first time. Our Ways are like this: pleasures that are given and reinvented, exquisite in a classic guise and in the most daring combination. Softness, crunchiness and fragrances that you will have the pleasure of exploring.